Spring Cloud Config vs Config

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Spring Cloud Config Server is a REST API. Config is deployment time (push/pull) dependency. No new service to setup, maintain and monitor. No server can go down so you cannot be stuck with old configuration. Works on any application with configuration files, not just on applications you develop. No coding or scripting required. Spring Cloud Config is open source. Config … Read More

Git vs Config

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Git is an open source version control system. It’s a general purpose system for managing changes to documents, code and other pieces of information. Config is a configuration file management SaaS. It’s accessed from the cloud (or installed on-premises) using a browser and is specific to managing configuration files (.txt, .properties, .ini, .json, .xml, .yaml, .toml, etc.). It has version … Read More

DevOps John and Config

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Once upon a time, there was a DevOps named John. Every day, you will find him hard at work, implementing and deploying new business features. However, one day, manually editing and synchronizing configuration files became too much work. There were just too many applications and environments to manage. Because of that, he spent more time doing administration tasks, and took … Read More

Config’s Kickstarter Campaign

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Do you have a lot of applications and environments to configure? “Config” is a SaaS that allows programmers, sysadmins and IT managers to manage their configuration files across all their applications, environments and clients. Unlike manual editing or complex scripting, our users have easy access to all their configurations, with features like environment variables, value synchronization, type safety, version control, … Read More

How to Setup your Configuration

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Setting up your configurations is quick and easy. All you’ve got to do is go through the Quick Setup page.

In order to start managing your configuration, you must provide the following details:

Why We Built Config

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We develop and maintain a number of systems, systems composed of multiple applications. Each application having multiple configuration files. Each configuration file has environment and (cluster) instance overrides. They work well with small applications, but as the application grows, managing configuration files become a problem.