Devops Tools and Configuration Management

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DevOps culture requires increased communication between teams of development, quality and operation. It also requires a centralized environment for the operation of DevOps practices automation cycle tools. Introduction Have you ever figured out how to manage thousands of machines or nodes on an enterprise infrastructure? And if you need to upgrade a software, will it go into each node? If … Read More

Using configuration files in Java

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Photo by vintuitive from According to the Tiobe Programming Index, Java has been the topmost popular language since its creation in the mid-90’s. If you want to know how to create and use a properties configuration file, read on! Introduction The property file is a great option to pass settings to a particular application that needs external settings and … Read More

See how configuration management works in the DevOps world

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Configuration management is nothing more than a set of activities performed to manage changes in software. These activities are done by identifying what needs to be changed and also by establishing a relationship between the various technological artifacts. Also the definition of mechanisms to manage different versions, controlling and auditing what was modified, is part of the process.