Config Release 0.4.1 – 0.6.0 Updates

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Configuration File Management

Release Update 0.6.0:

New Features

  • Push Notifications

– If a user deploys from the Config web interface (push), notifications are sent based on the notification settings of the configuration.

– Editing an Instance or Environment from the Configuration Hierarchy Page allows the user to edit notification settings for the specific entity. Currently supports email and webhook (url endpoint) notifications.

– For webhook notifications, Config sends a POST request with a json payload:

“systemName”: “System”,
“appName”: “App”,
“moduleName”: “Module”,
“envName”: “Environment”,
“newVersion”: “0.0.2”,
“instanceName”: “Instance 1”,
“tag”: “Release Version”,
“timestamp”: “2018-05-22 at 01:37:01 CST”

Release Update 0.5.0:

New Features

  • Multi-level instance support

– Creating new instance from the Configuration Hierarchy Page allows the user to set the Parent Instance.

– Variables created within an instance hierarchy follow its structure. If a variable value is not set for the specific instance, the value is selected from its parent instance or its immediate ancestor where the variable is set.

Release Update 0.4.1:


  • Config Command-Line Interface (config-cli) pull enhancement

– Config-cli will only pull the configuration file if there are changes, conserving network bandwidth for large-scale operations.

  • Versions page now shows which user created the module version.

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