Installing config-cli on Windows

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Config Command Line Interface (config-cli) is a powerful tool to pull your configuration files securely from Config servers. Here’s how you can install it in a Windows-based machine.

Here’s how to setup config-cli on Windows. config-cli is Config’s command line utility, which is used to pull configuration files from Config to your machine.

  1. Log in to your Config account and go to the Command Line Tool page.
  2. Click on link to download.
  3. config-cli requires Java 8. Please make sure you have Java 8 before continuing. Here’s the link to the Java download page.
  4. Unzip to where you want config-cli to be installed. Unzipping will create a config-cli directory with 3 files: config-cli.jar, config-cli.bat, and
  5. Run config-cli deploypull. The complete deploypull command is specific to your setup. It will look something like this.
    config-cli.bat deploypull -system MY_SYSTEM -app MY_APP -module MY_MODULE -env MY_ENV -version MY_VERSION -o MY_CONFIG

    If you don’t specify -version, the latest version will be pulled. Specify the output path in the -o parameter.

  6. For convenience, you can copy paste the config-cli command from the web interface. Pick the version you want, click Deploy, and select Pull.
    Copy and Paste config-cli command from Config

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