Using configuration files in Java

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Photo by vintuitive from According to the Tiobe Programming Index, Java has been the topmost popular language since its creation in the mid-90’s. If you want to know how to create and use a properties configuration file, read on! Introduction The property file is a great option to pass settings to a particular application that needs external settings and … Read More

Config is now in Private Beta

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You can now take advantage of the most advanced configuration file management tool, for free! Sign Up now to our forever free plan! Config is now in private beta! We have started sending out invites to our early adopters. If you would like to try out Config, just signup for an invite. Go to, enter your email, and wait … Read More

The importance of automated deploy and releases (including config files)

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Automation is an investment that saves resources. Whether you’re a small, mid, or a large enterprise, you can never neglect the value of automation, not only to speed up processes but also to avoid errors in your processes. Most companies do not give the importance due to automation of their development processes. Routine tasks such as build, deploy and release … Read More