DevOps John and Config

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Check out Config, the easiest way to manage your application configuration across all your servers and environments!

Once upon a time, there was a DevOps named John. Every day, you will find him hard at work, implementing and deploying new business features.

However, one day, manually editing and synchronizing configuration files became too much work. There were just too many applications and environments to manage.

Because of that, he spent more time doing administration tasks, and took longer to release new features. And to make matters worse, configuration issues became commonplace. He needed an easier way to manage all his configuration files, without adding more complexity like scripting and infrastructure.

Finally he came across Config, a SaaS that manages all his configuration files in an easy-to-use web interface. He can create environment variables, synchronize values, track changes, setup permissions and workflows, and much more.

Now, he can focus more on delivering features, making his boss happy, and spend less time doing admin work.

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